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    Smile How to add a slide in the front page in wp?

    Please explain the code for a slide? I am using a theme which enables CSS code in front page, and I actually don't know exactly what to do with it, but I would like to add a slide of some images in the front page, is it possible to add some code in the 'CSS code' section and make the slide appear in the front page? Thank you!

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    Meta slider is pretty good, check it out

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    Thank you guys for the information and the link, I will check both.

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    If you still haven't managed to get the slider, you can have a look at these options. There are a variety:

    Hope it helps \m/
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    Thank you for the link, I will have a look.

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    Adding a Slide in Frontpage in Wordpress

    You can use the slider Plugins available with Wordpress

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    First, go to the admin area of your WordPress site, click Plugins, then Add New and search for FrontPage Slideshow. Once you've found it, click Install now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingir View Post
    Meta slider is pretty good, check it out
    This one is quite good, I've just started using it today, thank you for the recommendation.

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