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Thread: Which CPU

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    Which CPU


    I'm gona to buy a Dedicated server for VPS Hosting. I'm confused with these CPUs.

    Dual Quad-Core 5520 2.26GHz Intel Nehalem Xeon w/ HT & Turbo Boost


    Intel Core i7-920Quadcore

    Please advice me to select a good processor. which one is good for me.

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    Both are very old processors, but go with the Dual Xeon, it will allow you to use ECC RAM.
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    If you're looking at providing VPS service and you're not super worried about CPU performance, I would suggest looking at the maximum RAM supported by the mother board. With Xen/KVM, you can't share RAM and even with OpenVZ, you're limited in the amount of active processes you can have. By having a lot of RAM, you can provide reasonably sized instances from a RAM perspective. Loads are not likely to be CPU-bound.

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    Dual Quad-Core 5520 will provide you 8 cores , so its better
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    Quad-Core 5520 is best for you, but don't worry with the CPU, your problem is the disk, you need Fast disk

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    Both are old. Shoot for some of the new Intel generation. They are not expensive.
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    LankapartnerHost is right - more than CPU or RAM, disk performance is what really can drag you down.

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    Old doesn't always mean bad... But I also wouldn't focus on just the CPU like others have suggested.
    Maybe this will help too:
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    Another link that may help you in CPU comparisons:
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