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    Asking for advice on replication

    Hello WHT team,

    We have setup a vps server on

    So far so good

    We would like to setup replication in case digitalocean is ever down

    Do we setitup on another node within digitalocean? Or do we setitup on another provide like linode?

    We want to replicate database(MYSQL), all data on our server including code and we want it to be real time

    How can we automate this without decreasing performance speeds?

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    For mysql replication, check the official guide pages on how to do this:

    For file replication, I would advise using rsync:

    You can use a two way rsync to copy changes between 2 machines or just have one as a backup with an exact real time copy of the master.

    Always be careful with these techniques and make sure you have restrictive firewall rules in place (only allow each server to connect to eachother) because you are opening up your sensitive files and data across the internet. - Linux & Windows Xen VPS Servers
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