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    Recommendation for switch upgrades

    Hi All,

    One of our sites has the following configuration -

    Full Cabinet (42U)
    About 16U used for NetApp
    Another 10U-14U For servers
    3 X HP-1850-g24 switches
    1GB traffic port to the world (from the DC)

    All the data is on the NetApp, using NFS mounts (through the switches).


    These switches has been working for two years now without any issues, but since all the ports are now fully occupied, we need to upgrade them to 48 switches.

    I would like to get some recommendations / reviews (The budget is about $500 per switch).

    Some things to consider -

    • One thing that bothers me today with the current configuration is that there is not a smart way to debug communication issues. These switches are pretty dummy, there is no way to know port / switch utilization, cpu utilization. The only way is to trap SNMP and debug it. So if there where communication issues, we are not really aware of them.
    • The NetApp NFS & the 1GBPS port are passing a lot of traffic, so we need a switch that can handle high utilization.

    Just for the fun, I've attached pictures of the cabinet in the initial installation (almost empty).

    Thanks in advance,
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    I would recommend Juniper EX2200, but you;d not get a new one for $500. You might find 24 port used EX2200 for $500 or $600, but you need to check on Ebay. Another reliable, but low cost switch you'd be Allied Telesis, model AT-8000S/48.
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    I would check with Tom over at Vology.
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    If you want something for $500 try the FLS648, its a 48 x 1G Brocade switch with 10G option. We use them for IPMI and have no problems, however we aren't pushing tons of traffic. I know Terabit Systems has tons in stock, they provide a 2 year hardware warranty on it. Very easy to configure.
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    Just as a quick FYI...the FLS series went EOL last year so the ICX 6450-48 mentioned by fgkfgk above would be the way to go if you want/need new. If new isn't an issue then ChrisK's mention of the FLS648 with 10G option is going to be less $$.

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    Just to be clear, how many ports do you need in total? How many servers do you have, how many netapp appliances, and how many ports for each? Do you have multiple logical networks (i.e. public, storage, IPMI), and how much throughput do you actually need to push on each?

    Based on what you've described thus far, just having multiple switches in a flat arrangement might not be the best topology for you, as you may end up having a bottleneck to the netapp(s). The different logical networks may also have different requirements, so whereas you may want to use a beefier switch for your storage network, you may be able to get by with more modest gear for the rest.
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    I'd go with 2 Brocade 6450's in a stack WITH the redundant power supply module. If you need more 10 gig density down the road the 6610's may be a good fit, they also have more L3 features as well such as PBR, BGP, VRF.

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    This post introduced me to 'Brocade' (which I never knew they
    exists), their site says they have local offices in Israel, so I'll give them a try.

    So far I am considering HP2920, as for specs & budget.

    I will wait for brocade pre-sale to contact me, and we will how it goes.

    Kind regards,
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