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    * Looking for 10Gbps VPS Windows !

    Hi all,
    I am looking for some server providers able to provide servers with 2gbps to 10gbps, anybody know any trust name except OVH and leaseweb ?


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    You can check:

    This is 10Gbps in VPS, the another alternative is Dedicated witch 10Gbps but is expensive.

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    Most 10Gbps links are shared, which means you will only get about 1.5Gbps.
    Why do you need that much port speed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew-x View Post
    Most 10Gbps links are shared, which means you will only get about 1.5Gbps.
    Why do you need that much port speed?
    In all cases is shared, but he can get more than 2Gbps in some cases, but you have transfer limitations.

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    Best to go to a company who can offer an unmetered connection and also will not limit you on bandwidth allowances.

    There are companies around but they will charge a premium, the other option would be dedicated but again people have already mentioned that the cost will escalate.

    I think Pacific host offer unmetered, and I am sure other UK or US companies could offer similar - however you may need to get a special connection

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    The best option if you need more than 1Gbps, is buy diferent VPS on diferent providers, with it you can have more than 1Gbps

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    Jesus that's alot of speed, GL with finding a good host, May cost you a bit though.

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    10Gbps on a VPS? That would be really hard to get.. My advice would be to buy multiple 1Gbps unmetered VPS and use a load balancer. I personally had a streaming website using ~ 14Gbps when transmitting important soccer games. I used 20x1Gbps unmetered VPS. Had a deal with the provider to install all VPS on different nodes, so I can max out the 1Gbps when needed. I got like that a 20Gbps burstable unmetered connection. The stream worked very well and the price was about $500 for all servers.

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