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    Cannot transfer domain

    I get this error WHMCS transfer domain.

    An Error Occurred
    The domain is registered by PDR Ltd. d/b/a as a Registrar. Can't execute a Transfer request for this Domain.
    Please help. Thanks

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    Hi there,

    If your transferring within PDR/ResellerClub you need to Move the domain.
    Please go through the below link,

    Moreover is it a possibility to share me with your domain name?

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    Thanks for your reply. Do you know the reason that I cannot transfer the domain?

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    You were facing the error as you have to MOVE the domain name rather than transferring it.
    There is no requirement of domain secret or EPP code as the registrar is same.
    You can go through the link that I had provided earlier, and it will sort it for sure

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