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    Paypal customer service?

    Do you have any experience with them?

    I am really annoyed why they give me answers to non-related topic.
    And they delete what I wrote in the reply.
    It's plain Copy and Paste. Do they run bots or something?
    Makes me feel like talking to the wall.

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    We also feel sometimes they not answer to what we ask (in emails), try calling them
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    Quote Originally Posted by LankapartnerHost View Post
    We also feel sometimes they not answer to what we ask (in emails), try calling them
    I do remember several months ago, when I wrote them emails, they gave me poor answers but they did answer what i asked. But now, it got worse.

    Maybe I should call them. international call....

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    They give the right answer but their response quality is always very poor and on the down side of things. I don't like their support we just have to deal with it you know how paypal can be sometimes.

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    Try giving them a call is faster and much better respond. Their email reply is slow and confusing sometimes. Web Hosting | Reseller Hosting | Domain Registration | Dedicate Server | SBS

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    Phone call is best way to contact paypal rather than email .Remember next time
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    PayPal sucks they have closed my account for nothing ! just because they want to!

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    Paypal has over the years dealt with millions of clients on both sides of the purchasing process, the problem is, as the company becomes larger the need for automation and the 'one size fits all' model will need to be adopted to make sure mass customer service keeps the majority happy.
    If you are unhappy and the customer service is not what it should be call them and make email records of conversations, gain a name and a personalized email address to be able to gain the attention of a representative to take responsibility for the complaint.
    Unfortunately the convenience that payment processes like paypal represent often means time that it can be time consuming when there are problems.

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    I think they do run some sort of automated systems, try calling them to resolve your issues.

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    My reply:
    Hi Raxux, Although I have been a PayPal customer for a couple of years I recently had a minor problem or two and found that calling them and speaking to somebody directly worked very well.

    I also tried the on-line live chat feature which was excellent and got it all sorted. As with all these companies they have a particular system and it can take a while to learn it but once you understand how they operate it is easier so its worth the patience!

    You can use skype to call them from abroad with low cost. Good luck!

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    Had twice issues with the withdrawal last year but their support based in Singapore have been very responsive and rectify the problem within 1 to 2 days.

    Their support contacted me after 6-12 hours after i sent an email and they call me back the next day informed me that my withdrawal are in place and should be completed to my local bank the next day.
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    Paypal is niceway to pay and get paid online. But sometime paypal do screening . I ever got my account limited for sometime.
    but after i sent them the document, my paypal was restored.

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    many times used PayPal, no problems, the commission is not very small in transfers....

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    Yes, I have noticed that to. Sometimes we receive response like automatic answer. Calling them for any issue is better option.
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    You'll reach much more with Paypal by calling them than mailing them.
    Their e-mails are 9 out of 10 times fully automated and they don't even bother reading through them.
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    I always phone the US PayPal they are much more helpful than the UK + EIRE team, god talking to the local ones, you might as-well eat your phone. You might get a better conversation from them then.

    If you don't have it, it's: +18882211161
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    They suxx big time yes !

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    Yes, i have got many automated emails from paypal from years.

    I don't faced any issue with paypal till now, But once they had limited my account, I call them to fix it.

    Try to call them mate.

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    Paypal is simply too big to have any kind of rewarding customer service experience. Definitely call them at +18882211161 instead of email or support chat.

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    The support is terrible whether email or phone, and if they don't like you they'll go out of their way to show it and probably try to harm your business in the process.

    See here:

    I got it resolved at the end but not without the help of several professionals and a lawyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNCHOST - Chris View Post
    Phone call is best way to contact paypal rather than email .Remember next time
    Luckily I never had to do this so far, do you happen to know whether is it a toll free phone number or not?

    OK I have checked it myself, it is a toll free phone number.
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    I have contacted them over the phone before and have been nothing but satisfied. After reading this thread, I consider myself lucky on that I can call PayPal and I get good answers.
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    Oh yeah now that I think of it I tried calling them a few days back about something, and basically the guy on the phone told me "We don't have permission to view this or expedite it or add any notes onto it. You'll just have to wait for the department that handles it, and this department has no email or phone number - you'll just have to hope that they'll eventually reply and that your form is as much information as they want."

    I'm wondering what happened that would make you say that they have good support?

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    Paypal customer service is non-existant, and it scares me no end when I think about how much we've refunded them in payments and settlement fees. Zero protection for sellers is ridiculous.

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    Normally I would not recommend Paypal at all, but within the past couple of months, I have had great customer service while on the phone with them. From 'unlocking' my account so that I could pay from anywhere, to them calling me and telling me that their credit card processors were down the other night (which saved me a lot of time) after a failed transaction.

    I have never linked my Paypal to an app, only used the Invoice feature, and I get paid every time, no temporary holds (on my end anyway). I found out the other day while on the phone with Paypal, that they do actually put a hold on every transaction to verify both ways, but you only see a payment being held if there's an issue with the funds, risk flags raised, or a chargeback. That's the great thing about charging for time (as opposed to a product), you cannot dispute it because it's time already spent, as opposed to a product not received.
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    customer service is one of the most difficult jobs actually. Accordign to me they answer correct replies but with some delay. To call them when it is very urgent can be a good idea to fasten the problem solution.

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    I would recommend calling them.

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    PAYPAL sucks, they are easting hell of our money in commissions % , but they are not spending money on customer services.
    Also they have poor attitude towards clients.

    Also this kind of services part is not big. very few trusted players are in the market and due to this they are not giving any ears to us.

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