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    congratulation iphone + andriod users

    hello all
    BlackBerry Messenger ia now available for iphone and android users

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    Re: congratulation iphone + andriod users

    Delay on sign up though - 1/3 hours

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    Blackberry isn't doing too well these days. I will stick with what I have.

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    registered my email on the bbm apps and got approval "front of the line" the next day
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    Blackberry is not that interesting anymore. compared to what i already have.

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    Not many of my contacts have BBM anymore. It used to be popular, until all those smartphone companies went into the arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPINIKR-RO View Post
    Why use this instead of just sending a normal text/mms?
    especially when BB is going down in flames. I might look into it, but yeah, not so much .
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    Thanks but I can live without.

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    I'll be skipping this myself. iMessage works fine, or kik.

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    ya but in some versions of android it still not available.
    but if we compare whatsapp has highest number of users than all other instant messengers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobile21cncom View Post
    BlackBerry is not popular than iphone. I love iphone
    Its not so much the phone itself or the OS. Its more so the messaging app that was exclusive to the blackberry os. Now its open for everybody to use and there is no wait!

    Im pretty sure that this is the nail in the coffin for blackberry as a cellphone manufacturer its the only thing that kept them alive.
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    Blackberry could at least make the signup easier and less painful.

    Having an iPhone now for 4 years I've become really lazy. I don't want to type out my email, details, etc.

    It's taken me 4 days to open the BBM app on my phone... will likely take longer to add my friends.

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    I was curious after seeing all publicity and installed it yesterday. I don't feel anything fancy about it. I feel more comfortable with imessage and Whatsapp which I am using now.
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    I don't get it. What's the point? Most have unlimited messaging anyway. Plus iMessage exists for iPhone users. Is it just BB trying to get some attention because nobody pays attention to them?
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    Why you need blackbery msg?

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    kind of sad to see blackberry so low these days. then again it was sad how palm and webos died too. webos still has better multitasking to this day compared to the rest.

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    Aso go sms working perfect!

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