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    Secured Servers Review

    I have been on WHT for awhile now, Mostly just reading and a post here and there. Back in February of this year I got tired of dealing with a VPS provider and decided to get another Dedicated server. After looking around a bit I remembered Secured Servers had decent priced servers with reliable bandwidth. I took a bite and I am extremely glad I did. Starting off was a little rough with a few bad hard drives but finally got it straight and things have been great since.

    I ordered the server late in the evening on a Friday through the online sales chat. I ordered a server from the Outlet section which was the G6950. It came with Intel Pentium Dual core 2.8Ghz CPU 4GB of ram 1 250GB hard drive 10Mbit 3.2TB/m traffic for $58/month. I had them upgrade the port speed to 100Mbit. It all went smooth and I had the server by 3am Saturday morning. They even upgraded my hard drive to 500GB for free.

    I got home from work that evening and did some checking around only to figure out that the hard drive was reporting smart errors and extremely slow writes. I submitted a ticket and got a reply within 4 minutes. They replaced the hard drive within the 4 hour hardware replacement SLA and I went back to checking. I start to set things up and decide to check SMART status again and see that It is again reporting errors, The read/write speeds are decent though. I submit another ticket get another reply with in 10 minutes. They replace the hard drive again. I get the server back and everything looks great so I put the server into production and start using it.

    Fast forward a few months I check my SMART and again see errors. At this point I decide It has to be something else that is killing hard drives so I request a whole new machine and hard drive. They reply quickly "Sure no problem" I also request a 2nd hard drive in raid1 "sure no problem" I agree to the $5/m increase and get the server exactly how I wanted it setup and all has been well hardware wise since.

    Fast forward to here recently. I see the 5 IPs that came with the servers are not enough so I get on sales chat and request another /29 for $5/m They email me the justification form I fill it out and submit it and am told 24 hours 72 max. I admit I am not the most patent person in the world so I wait till the next night and open chat with support (forgot to mention I ordered these IPs on a Friday night). I ask what the status of my IPs are and give my current ticket number. A few minutes later support has my IP's assigned to me but forgot to remove the null route. So he resolves that and then I ask about rdns delegation. He sets that up and I am on my way.

    In conclusion Secure Servers has done an exceptional job despite the few glitches with hardware There support is always fast and friendly, Prices are good and so is Network.

    Support: 10/10
    Price : 10/10
    Network : 10/10
    Hardware : 9/10

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    polyn thanks for sharing your experience.
    Looking around for some time
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