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    cpanel dns cluster and stay with old ip


    i have servers and host set dns cluster to other ns servers,

    this days,because vps provider change their vps ip,

    and i need to also change my ns's ip.

    at my cpanel server,i try to pint my,it had already point to new ip,

    and i go to whm "Configure Cluster",try to re-remove-add many time,

    and it also shows with the new ip.

    but when i try to create a new account,

    it does not transfer the domain record to new ip/ns server,

    is any way to fix it ?


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    What is the status showing for DNS clustering of the server; is it green tick ( propely clustered )? If so try a manual sync of newly created domain and see if it is copying to the NS server. If yes, make sure that "synchronize records" are enabled for that clusted NS server. If no, check cPanel error logs and see if there is any error message.

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