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    🐑★★ LamB HOST: Entrust Your Servers with the Best Server Management/Optimization

    Do you need complete around-the-clock management for your servers or VPSs? Lamb Host has years of experience managing, securing, and optimizing servers.

    With Lamb Host's radical support, we will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

    We have three management packages. Choose the one that best meets your needs, or request a quote for custom work:

    Full Server Management & Monitoring:

    Only $59.95/month
    As low as $49.96/month with an annual subscription

    Full 24x7 server administration and monitoring.

    • 24x7 radical support
    • 24x7 monitoring — feel secure about the stability of your server even while you're sleeping
    • System updates
    • Security patches
    • Complete hardening and security check
    • Optimization of Apache/MySQL on request
    • Best-effort software installation and support

    Sign Up Now

    Server Hardening:

    Only $59.95 one-time

    Do you need to have your server secured? Place your server or VPS into Lamb Host's competent hands, and we will secure and harden your server against intrusion, hacking, brute-force attacks, and more:

    • System package updates
    • Install/configure mod_security
    • Firewall hardening
    • TCP/IP stack hardening
    • Data leakage hardening
    • Rootkit protection
    • Spoofing protection
    • Protection from bogus TCP/IP packets
    • Syn flood protection
    • Securing /tmp partition
    • PHP hardening.

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    Server Optimization:

    Only $44.95 one-time

    Are your sites running a bit sluggishly? Server not running at peak performance? Allow Lamb Host to optimize your server or VPS.

    We will optimize Apache (or an Apache alternative) and MySQL, tuning all parameters for the exact requirements of your server and the sites on it.

    This package comes with two weeks of support. We will check up on your server to ensure the new settings are working better for your server and websites. Call on us at any time during those two weeks for support.

    Sign Up Now

    Need custom work? request a quote by submitting a ticket or request live chat on any page of our site.
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