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    E3-1200v3 and Vmware

    Hi there,
    I have a supermicro server with an E3-1230v3. I am trying to install vmware vSphere/ESXi and it is complaining it can't find a network adapter. I did some research, and apparently none of Supermicro's v3 machines are marked as compatible in their guide. Is that because its still a new CPU? And is a PCI NIC a usable work around for this issue?
    Thank you!

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    "This issue can occur if the ESXi image lacks the necessary drivers, which may be caused by old firmware."

    I would recommend making sure you have the latest bios update and also, I wouldn't necessarily recommend running anything that's not on the compatibility list.

    I assume the bios can see the nic?

    Regarding the pci nic, this may be of some help to you:
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    Thank you for your reply, I updated the BIOS and IPMI firmware and it didn't do anything to fix the issue. Is there a way to get drivers and install them with ESXi? Also, how do I see if the BIOS sees the integrated nics?
    Thank you!

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    Ok I have found the vmware drivers for these nic's, is there anyway to install them with ESXi?

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    Post the link.

    What model supermicro do you have? Chances are if it does not work out of the box, its not going to work or you wouldnt want to use it in production. VMware ESXi runs 99.9% off memory so having a overhead of drivers isn't baked into VMware's solution.

    The processor has nothing to do with it, its your network card. It is most likely some cheapie Realtek which plays nice with NOTHING due to the poor driver support.
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