Why hello there. Looking at this topic, Fantastic. So, my name is Stefan and I’m currently looking for a job, something in support. i have had experience with how plugins work for bukkit. i have had a server so i know some things that could go wrong and how to fix it. i am looking for a job i can do remote from home. i am currently 15 turning 16 in may. i can answer questions about problems and work on tickets. i am learning how to do coding and web design. i am the type of person who will always be nice no matter how rude or angry they are i will keep my cool. i can work 3 to 4 hours a day after school and sometimes more on the weekend. i am a quick learner and know alot about technology.

if you want to know more or want to hire me please email me
email: [email protected]
skype: Stefan Franz (a pic of a dog in a seat)
i will take at least 1 dollar under minimum pay in washington
Thank You for your time, Stefan Franz