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    * Free Banner Exchange - Video Gaming Related

    I have a contest website that is geared towards video gamers and im offering for a limited time, free banner exchange.

    Capture The Prize is a FREE to join and FREE to win monthly contest where players who play on any servers can win prizes just for playing. Server hosts can also win a prize by referring the most active players. Servers also benefit from increased player traffic as well as rewarding your existing player base with the chance to win prizes. 45 multiplayer games and all their mods are supported (Counter-Strike: Global Offense, Team Fortress 2, Garrys Mod, DayZ, Minecraft, Battlefield Series, Unreal Tournament series, etc.). Game Servers do not need to install any plugins. We just need your Server IP, Port, Query Port (If applicable) and game type.
    August Traffic
    Unique visitors: 322
    Number of visits: 503
    Pages: 1441

    September Traffic
    Unique visitors: 360
    Number of visits: 1289
    Pages: 1909

    Primarily male between the ages of 13 to 44 located in the United States, Canada and Europe.

    What's included?
    Your banner will be included in a rotation with other banners on the "Point Activation" popup. Every member will see the point activation popup a minimum of 27 times each month.

    The following banner sizes are available:
    728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 180x150

    Your banner will also get a custom question and answer that the visitor will have to answer. For example, lets say your banner had a picture of a few cd's. The question would then look something like "How many cd's are there?" and the visitor would respond with their answer. The visitor must get it correct or else another advert is randomly displayed. You can choose what you want for the question and answer. This will also help with brand recognition as the viewer has to remember what they see.

    All i ask in return is that you put a link back to my website with a banner equal to or greater in dimensions to the banner you have on my website. For example, let's say your banner is 728x90. Then the banner you put on your website is 728x90. Advertisers found abusing this offer (eg. by putting a smaller banner or not putting one at all) will be removed from the advertisement system without warning and blacklisted from applying again.

    Website URL: Click Here

    Example Advertisement: Click Here

    Our Banners: Click Here

    Note: Advertising is only available for PG-13 related content. No gambling or warez sites.

    If you're interested, PM me the following info:

    Your Website Name: 
    Your Website URL: 
    Website Description: 
    Banner Image URL: 
    Your Banner Question: 
    Your Banner Answer: 
    Where You Intend On Displaying The CTP Banner:

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    Traffic is low at the moment, but it isin't stable and fluctuates. Previous month's had 3000 unique visitors.

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    thanks for this platform where we can find different promoter to place ads on their website.

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