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    Wp question

    I just got this login page again and again while editing the theme in wordpress, I wonder what could be the reason, and how to solve it? Please tell me? Thank you!
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    Try deleting your site cookies and then resetting your permalinks.
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    Its due to cookies...delete them and use a good spam finding plugin for your blog...
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    Is this your own hosted wordpress or is it hosted at wordpress ?
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    Delete your web browser cache and cookies.
    If you are under Windows Flush your DNS : ipconfig /flushdns
    Try to install and activate Total Cache plugin

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    deadmix ipconfig /flushdns is not going to help. Learn about DHCP before talking nonsense again.

    flushdns flushes your LOCAL dns cache, nothing more nothing less.
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    the clearing of cookies might do the trick but

    this sounds like it could also be a plugin compatibility issue -

    to test this theory do this:

    deactivate all your plugins while editing your theme and see if the same thing happens - if it doesn't then you know it is a bad plugin. Then you should narrow it down by activating each plugin one by one until you find out which one is causing this.

    good luck
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