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    Greetings from Maine

    Hi all... New here.

    About myself:

    In July I bought a VPS server from Hostgator and started a WHMsonic powered Shoutcast service to sell auto streams to residents of SecondLife (they buy alot of streams). After a 12 hour outage 2 weeks into my tenancy at Hostgator I moved to GoDaddy. I had even more problems there with especially terrible support.

    A few weeks ago I moved to Ramnode and they've been great.

    I have a 2GB SSD-Cached KVM in Atlanta running CLOUDLINUX 6.4 x86_64, WHM 11.38.2 (build 7) with NGINX and WHMsonic 2.1.11.

    I'm currently hosting 31 shoutcast streams, 11 AutoDJs, and about 12 domain names.

    I have extra capacity so I've come here to try and find someone to be a sort of roommate on the server to help offset some cost.

    Look forward to networking with you all

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    You are lucky to host on 2gb Ram vps
    " 31 shoutcast streams, 11 AutoDJs, and about 12 domain names"

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    Hi sonicROSE and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    We have listed some important information in our forum guidelines and answer guide. We require every member to read and follow all forum rules and guidelines. We strive to keep our forum a useful resource where you can share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and ask for solutions to problems on hosting related news and services. Thank you for choosing to join Enjoy your stay!

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    The VPSs have been a great solution!

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    Thanks sonicROSE! Happy to have you on IRC too.

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