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    How can I create a hosting?


    I've bought a VPS with direct admin installed. Now I want to host my site through this VPS. For this, I did the following steps;

    1. First I went to "Reseller Level"
    2. Added a package (10GB hosting)
    3. Added new user

    and here I stucked, because I know nothing in server management and I don't know how to add a hosting for my site linked already mentioned above.

    Can anyone please help me to sort this out?
    Thank You!

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    The issue is, I can't see few links that are showing in the videos and tutorials I saw searching it through google. All I can see;

    Admin Level:
    Reseller Level:
    User Level:

    Can anyone please help me setting it up?
    Thank You!

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    In "User level", click "Domain administration". Then enter the domain name that you want to host. Rest should be straightforward.

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