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    Question Dedicated in EU targeting US visitors


    I need some recommendations. I have a server in US and thinking to move it to EU (I have some billing troubles in company where I'm now). But I'm worrying about ping and conversions loss as the majority of conversions comes from the USA.

    So there are few possible solutions.

    1. Stay in US as it is now (not very good for me unless I change the provider).
    2. Move to EU and don't worry about less conversions
    3. Move to EU and use CDN (e.g. MaxCDN) to keep the speed across the world.

    thank you.
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    If most of your visits are from USA, I suggest you just find a new host if you have problems with the current one.
    CDN will solve this, but might cost you more than putting everyhing in USA. - Online in no time
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