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    Alibabahost Issues (VPS)

    Approximately three months ago, I ordered a VPS service with Alibabahost.

    -Shortly thereafter, the service was unusable, CPanel was a trial version. Contacted support, they activated my CPanel the next day.
    -One week later, CPanel stopped working again. Expired license. Issue escalated to level 3 support. Fixed a few hours later.
    -Fast forward one month. Service once again not properly usable as Cpanel is once again not licensed/expired license. Fixed two days later.
    -Fast forward six weeks. Service once again nor properly usable as Cpanel is once again not licensed/expired license. Re-opened old ticket, was told that it would be assigned to the "LIcense Team" mid last week. Two days later, I ask for an update. The next day, the ticket is closed... I re-open the ticket and mention that I have not received an update or resolution. Ticket is re-assigned to the License Team without response... more time goes by without response.

    As I cannot seem to get a straight answer from support, and it appears as though Alibabahost does respond to threads on this forum, I figured I should ask my questions here:

    Why am I having this issue on a monthly basis? Instead of waiting for me to complain after noticing that you've killed the cpanel on my site, and then fixing it on a regular basis, why can you not simply figure out what the issue is and resolve it permanently?

    Why is it currently taking you so long to re-license my CPanel? You do realize that downtime every month, and the week of downtime so far this month, is not something that most of your clients will accept. You *will* lose clients over this type of support/service.

    You advertise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Due to these license failures, you have failed to fulfill this guarantee repeatedly. No reimbursement offer has been received. My CPanel is not currently licensed and my ticket has received no attention, other than someone randomly closing it, since last week.

    Please advise. At this point I am looking at alternatives as my expectation of paying for a functional service has not been met.

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    Update: I have just received a response from management explaining that they are working with their license provider to fix this issue, but it can occur again and again until they do. I appreciate finally being provided with an explanation. Thank you.

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    First you should understand cpanel licence expire issue not related to uptime even licence not work your vps can be online.
    Second , We know some people have bad habit of getting 1 licence from & give it to few users by changing IP when client needs it..
    Exactly dont know here its happening or not
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    It would be better if you buy your own license from cpanel license provider so that you do not have to wait for your provider to activate it.

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