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    Study: bacon lowers sperm count

    WOW. I better give up bacon if I ever want to have kids.

    (NOPE I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY BACON) I just won't make kids.

    Study: bacon lowers sperm count

    A new study says that men who are trying to become fathers should give up bacon.

    Harvard researchers found that men who ate one to three servings of processed meat, like bacon, had more deformed sperm than men who ate fewer servings.

    The study looked at more than 150 men and found that processed meat lowered sperm quality, while white meat, like fish, raised it.

    Researchers also found that men who ate the most dark meat fish, like salmon, had a 34-percent higher total sperm count than men who ate the least amount of fish.

    The American Society of Reproductive Medicine presented the study in mid-October.
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    "processed meat"

    Key words here.
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    Bacon is too good to give up.
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    Re: Study: bacon lowers sperm count

    I eat Bacon every weekend and several times during the week, it's not stopped me fathering a child...
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