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    WHMCS Paypal Subscriptions not working


    I have a client who gets invoiced monthly for the following products:

    - hosting (10th of the month)
    - support (10th of the month)

    I have also set up a billable item to spread the cost of some web development work over 12 months. This is invoiced on the 11th of the month.

    So each month the client gets 2 invoices...1 for the product subscriptions and another for the billable item.

    Her preferred payment method is PayPal, which suits me cause I can then accept payment in USD even though I'm in the UK. I have set the payment gateway up and it seems to work just fine, with payments marking the invoice as paid automatically.

    However, even though the client is paying for monthly recurring items, there is no PayPal Subscription button available. So she has to pay manually each month.

    I'm wondering if the multi-currency situation is the root cause, but I can't find any documentation to that effect.

    Can anyone explain?

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    In the payment gateway -> paypal module, you you have
    Never show the subscription payment button
    ticked? If so, that is probably what is causing it
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    Thanks, but checked that already.

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    Are the payments late? If so only the PayPal Checkout option is presented.

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    They are late at the moment, although I'm pretty sure there's no subscription option even when they are not late. I'll check it out next month, though. Thanks.

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