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    Ecommerce to GPRS printer - Any idea?


    I would like to know if someone could guide me on how to send the orders of an ecommerce into a GPRS printer please. Can GPRS printer accept sms? If yes what is the max length?
    Any idea if this type of printer have to be constantly connected via 3g?

    If you have some info with a PHP API please let me know.

    Thank you,


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    If you plan to use SMS to communicate with your printer, you'd need an SMS gateway. The SMS gateway would take the data from your ecommerce system then send it to your text enabled printer via the cellular network.

    A workaround to using a SMS gateway would be if your cellular provider provides an email to SMS gateway. For example, [email protected] might be an option. Then, you'd have to code your ecommerce system to send an email to that address with the order details. It would show up on your printer as a text message. - Energize your Business Online, powered by BannerOS, the platform that turns your website into a powerful business tool.
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