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    Thumbs up WebsiteIntegrations praise thread

    You might have learned so far that I don't post much here, even though I'm counting 5 years on WHT. I stay away from review threads unless I'm absolutely satisfied with the service or product and this is a praise thread to (or for converting my website layout to a non-standard blog system. Most importantly it was done professionally and smoothly without any issues afterwards. Paul is great and I will be ordering more from him.

    This is a review of a happy customer, not a paid ad. We all know good service is hard to come by and when I find one, I stick with it. Thanks!

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    Thanks, Enjoy your new integration!
    Providing WHMCS,ClientExec,Blesta,Wordpress,Forum Integrations And More!
    WebsiteIntegrations.Com - We also offer Design Services and More! - WebsiteIntegrations.Com
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