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    * How to track multi-login ?


    I wonder what is the best solution to recognize multi account login in real time. In case when few (at least two) users login to same account, how to track this kind of cheat, what is the best solution ?


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    This is not a cheat, it depends on your application and the business logic and that would determine if that should be authorized or not.

    If you are tracking session state in the DB, a scan of active sessions should be enough. Other solutions may apply, such as keeping a cache of current sessions in a key-value storage system.

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    Its not cheat. All depending on your application, you can restrict them to 1 active login.
    Use DB for sessions and when user login from new location end his old sessions.

    Or track multi sessions through DB
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    You will definitely track active login via sessions.. To identify the new login you should match the Browser UA and IP..
    If IP Address is changed, regenerate sessions at that point.

    You just have to mix up things and see what best suits your site model.

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    You can use database to keep active session as well as use IP to distinguish sessions

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    Store a unique session ID in your session and store the active session ID in the database. If someone new logs in, the session ID in the database changes and the old person's session automatically dies.

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    Try track IP address, cookies and block tor server.
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    You could set a field in the database to a specific value whenever a user logs in and reset the field value once logs out.

    The field status should automatically be reset after a given time, in case the user just shuts down the browser and doesn't log out.
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    Yes, you can use set a value for different login user record in database to track them according to their respective data in database.

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    There are many ways to implement your desired functionality. The best approach is to create a new table that will handle user sessions. When the new user tries to log in, the system check for any active session. If it exists, you either destroy and create a new one, or show the user an error message ("You are already logged in").

    But there are also other approaches to this issue. It depends on the system you are working on.
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