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    Vanixhosting - Los Vegas - Semi-Managed - Intel L5420 12GB - 10TB BW From $74.99

    About Us:
    We offer you reliable and scalable Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, and services. From personal to corporate needs, Vanix Hosting has the solution for you. Packed with our very best support team, ready to help you any time. Feel free to make a support ticket or live chat for any support.

    We have multiple locations and are always looking for ways to improve our company and make it a better overall experience for everyone.

    This server is located in los vegas inside the Fiberhub Datacenter, with premium bandwidth on demand, this server is perfect for any gaming servers or voip, and almost anything you throw at it.

    2x Dual Quad L5420 2.5 GHz $74.99
    • Fiberhub Datacenter
    • 2x Dual Quad L5420 2.5 GHz
    • 12GB DDR3 ECC
    • 1TB SATA3
    • 1GBPS Port
    • 10TB Bandwidth
    • KVM Available On Demand
    • Los Vegas Available

    Price: $74.99

    Order Now!

    How long will my server be provisioned?

    Usually around 6-48 hours (Excluding Weekends)

    Where is the server located?
    Las Vegas, Nevada colocated in the Fiberhub Datacenter

    How good is your support?
    Our team is on the clock 24x7 eager to help you in any situation that may occur, your server is semi managed, taking the stress off you to focus on your goals.

    Is there DDoS Protection Available?
    Yes, for $45 additionally, you can get DDoS protection for up to 2Gbps

    Available Addons:
    • Additional IP addresses are $0.75/m per IP address, and are allocated in CIDR block sizes:
    • 8 IP Addresses (5 usable) - $6 per month, $10 setup
    • 16 IP Addresses (13 usable) - $12 per month, $10 setup
    • 32 IP Addresses (29 usable) - $24 per month, $10 setup
    • 24GB Ram - $25
    • 500GB Hard Drive - $15
    • cPanel License - $35

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask via email or support ticket
    [email protected]
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