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Thread: Need for vps...

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    Need for vps...

    Hey there,

    im looking for a vps which is the best not located in uk/us/nz/gb/oz
    and has good routing so i can set up a vpn at it!
    so the requirements are not that high in perfomance, more in anonymity...
    i would be the best to pay with ukash/paysafecard or bitcoin.
    the price should not exceed 20$ monthly.

    do you have any ideas?


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    you forgot to mentioned the server specifications and bandwidth allowance?
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    I guess you need Linux, right?|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    not located in uk/us/nz/gb/oz
    UK and GB is the same thing, and just to clarify, OZ means Australia.

    Also, I don't think you can get a reliable VPS for under $20, nearly all cheap VPS providers are located in USA or EU...

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    Reliable host usually cost you a little bit more, but worth to go. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    US; UK/EU; Asia/Australia
    If you need a vps NOT in these countries, you mind want to check
    They list providers like this, not sure if you can find something decent with your budget though.

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    you can check They have server in 20 Global Datacenters including Asia (India / Singapore).
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    RAM, HDD, Bandwidth, IPs, Managed? We can't advise without these factors.

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    Have you checked vps hosting offer section?

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    argh sorry

    RAM: between 256 and 1 GB (but not that necessary)
    Storage: 10 GB upwards
    Traffic: 50 GB upwards
    IPs: just one and could be dynamic
    Managed: without managing. would do it by myself
    OS: linux would be the best

    ehm the location EU is ok, but please not in UK oder Germany.
    And the asia area is to far away. I will use the vpn the whole time,
    so i think the routing is not the good so far away.

    i read something about internoc24, it is in the budget.. so there should be some.

    but if it is really to less than i am also ready to pay 30$ but than its the limit, because i am a student

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    Do you need linux vps?

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    It sounds like he wants a VPS so he can install a personal VPN. He wants the VPS in a country where he believes his privacy will be respected and where the VPS is reasonably close to Europe for performance reasons.

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    Have you tried expertvm or oneasiahost for Singapore vps? They are pretty good.

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