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    How to fix New Relic higher memory usage?

    I have a limited memory CentOS VPS. Its RAM is 1.5GB and before the New Relic installation RAM usage below 45-55% (peak time). However now it goes 60-70% level.

    When I'm checking memory eating process New Relic shows Java (root) uses higher memory. It further shows this process, CPU usage 0.3%, Memory usage 424 MB and 10 instances running.

    I think this higher Java memory usage cause by the new relic PHP monitoring or server monitoring services.

    Anybody have a good idea to fix this higher memory usage.


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    Java can eat a lot of ram including cpu depending on the script you are running too.

    In fact, when you run Java in VPS, it is recommended to use a full virtualization like Xen or KVM.
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    Java will appear to allocate a lot of virtual memory upfront for its heap however the kernel will lazy initialize it, so in the event of pressure, it doesnt even hit swap initially (since its not even zeroed yet or part of physical memory). The resident memory is what you should be interested in.

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