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    Setup and Configure IMAP proxy. Need advice.

    Hello Friends,

    Im trying to configure IMAP proxy server. My requirement is this.

    I have 2 servers with me. Let me name it as server A and Server B.

    Im currently running business email service in server A. Emails are sent and received fine to the server. Recently, I have come across the issues with the end user that the emails are being fetched slowly in their outlook.

    Reason for the delay is due to the server located in US and I'm in india. Users are finding delay to fetch the emails in their outlook.

    So, I bought a server in India hosted CDN network. This is server B. When i tried to access the emails via server B, the emails are downloaded fine.

    My requirement: I like to setup a IMAP proxy in server B to access Server A and to download the emails in the outlook using user email id and password.

    Eg:- if i use in outlook incoming settings, it should authenticate to with the user email id and password and the customer should able to download the emails in the outlook without any issue.

    I have tried to configure IMAP proxy using these 2 url, but im not able to configure it properly. The authentication fails.

    Is there any recommended method or any suggestion to proceed with the IMAP proxy?

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    Use fatchmail.. this will help you...

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