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    Not happy with Xinix


    I would like to draw the attention of the forum of a blackout at xinix for the past week.I purchased a one year reseller package from them and for a week,my sites have been down.I requested a cancellation and a refund on the remaining months and up to now I have not heard from them.
    I think we are all in business and could not accept that websites should be down for long as it jeopardise credibility and for that xinix has not lived to expectation.

    I will keep you posted with the outcome.


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    Have you tried giving them a phone call?
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    Did you contact their support to find out why your sites were down for one week?
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    Re: Not happy with Xinix

    As mention above should you come across their support first before take your opinion about their services. Maybe this could happen as misunderstanding in both side

    They also have rep here...

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    You should never sign up for a 1 year term unless you know the provider well already.
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    I believe none of us will accept having his sites down for a week no matter what, providers are supposed to provide alternative.What do we tell our customers who have paid?I have sent a mail to the support after 3 days of blackout just be told they have been hacked and services will be restored soon and it has taken time and no feedback.They suppose to let clients know and we are not suppose to contact them after such a long period.For lack of communication,no excuse could be accepted.
    I know they have a rep here(I put it here because they refuse to communicate) but that is not the issue,honestly will you allow your commercial site to be down for a week and you have customers who are hosted on your account?

    We should be serious

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