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    Destination host unreachable


    We have rented an EX40 from hetzner
    after installing proxmox and creating a couple of VPS we have given to understand that we are not able to access and ping some of our additional ip addresses in random times. we are not able to ping 40 % of the times with our vps. aside from time out ping stance on yahoo and google we also get weird Destination host unreachable issues by the vps ip address itself as you can see in the attachment. any suggestion or solutions ?

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    ping googles IP address and see if you still get the same problem, If not their DNS server is having problems.

    Also try a tracert to see if there is a hop with quite high latency compared to the rest of the hops

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    Same deal with pinging google ip address also I am not able to ping my server from UK and france But am able to ping it from UAE and USA

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    If you cant properly ping googles IP then double check you have all the settings correct according to the documentation you should have got from Hetzner


    Default Gateway
    DNS#3 (If they have one)

    If your sure its all correct do you get the same issues with your base server or another VPS?

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    Issue is solved and I would like to address to those who will have this issue in the future. You need to request for a seperate mc address for each additional IP address on hetzner or else you will end up having issues.

    Thanks to pingperfect for guiding us aswell

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