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    IPV6 Virtualizor issue

    Hi Folks,

    I'm trying to get IPV6 with virtualizor working on a new NODE we have set up runnng KVM (non production just now) and having major issues.

    I've followed the following down to a tee

    Whenever I do the network restart, then the service virtualizor restart the test VPS's seem to lose the bridge connection and are not reachable, now before anyone says contact virtualizor....they keep referring me back to my Datacenter.

    Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? I cant see how changing a line to yes, and adding the ipv6 details to another config would cause this.

    Thanks in advance people


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    @alons, can you help?
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    Forgot to mark this as solved, @alons has given us a help



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    Quote Originally Posted by Serverbros View Post
    Forgot to mark this as solved, @alons has given us a help


    We managed to get this done. We will be adding it to the code itself for automation.

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