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    Using SNI for SSL.

    I have just signed up to a reseller account with Vidahost.
    They dont provide dedicated IP's as standard, so offer SNI if you need to install a SSL on one of your domains.
    I need an SSL for a ecommerce shop which will be hosted on one of the domains. Should I opt for a dedicated IP, as ive read SNI is not supported under WinxP (I know some people still using this)!

    Also, is there a difference in security if using a dedicated IP for this domain for the purposes of a webshop?

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    Windows XP with Internet Explorer will not work with SNI. There are of course other systems including some cell phones that aren't supported but that's the major one.

    I'm not aware of any security implications other than those standard with shared hosting.

    Wikipedia has some good info:

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    To be safe, better just order a dedicated ip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by critihost View Post

    I'm not aware of any security implications other than those standard with shared hosting.
    Thanks can you give me a quick summary of what this means?

    I have reseller Linux hosting (WHM/Cpanel) to host multiple sites, and all sites will be controlled by myself (im not actually reselling any).

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    Just make sure that the default SSL site is not someone else's website when you are using SNI.

    To do that, before you install SSL, point a web browser to https://your.domain and see what comes up. If the host has done the right thing, it should be a generic (default) SSL domain. If not, then avoid the host unless they will provide a dedicated IP for you.
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    I would order a dedicated IP address to use with SSL and an ecommerce application.
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