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    How to make Full Cpanel backup? (not WHM backup)

    In the previous web hosting company that I was, I was taking backups in an external FTP server. My webadmin had configured the backup to run daily. Backup is near 20GB. It is taken in folder
    and there are also:

    I use this backup server till nowadays.


    For a week now, I have moved to a new web hosting company. Now I use Backupsy and I have configured a backup through WHM by myself. But I see that it has less size than the other one. This is taken under the folder /backup:

    For a week now that I left the old Web Hosting, the initial backup server seems to continue taking backup which has double size than the one at the Backupsy server. It looks like my old web admin has configured a script which was taking cpanel backups. When I asked him he said that he just made the same configuration through WHM as I did.

    The questions are quite a lot:
    - Is the old backup server taking backup from the new server or the old server? I deleted some files from my server to save space, but I clearly remember that I did this task before moving to the new server. So disk space usage should be about the same in both cases. How can I see which backups are being taken from each server? Probably I will have to run an SSH command or something in the old server or connect with FTP and check something?
    - Since the old backup server still takes backup, why is it bigger than the other one that I have configured through WHM? What am I missing here? I contacted my old web admin and he said that he was only configuring backup through WHM. I thought he made a backup script. Anyway, is seems that in the new backup server I take WHM backup and that there is a Cpanel backup (the folder name is different).

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the configuration I have is this:

    Backup configuration
    Backup status: Enable
    Backup type: Uncompressed (I have also tried with Compressed, it always zips files)
    Backup daily: (All days ticked)
    Retain 3 daily backups
    Backup monthly: Unchecked
    Backup accounts->Select Users->(Legacy Off, Backups On)
    Backup Access Logs: Disable
    Backup Backwidth Data: Enable
    Use Local DNS: Disable
    Backup System files: Checked

    Databases: Per Account and Entire MySL Directory
    Configure Backup Directory: /home/backup (when I was choosing /backup hard disk space was filled)
    Retain backups in the default backup directory: Unchecked
    Mount Backup Drive as Needed: Disable

    Additional Destinations:
    Backupsy-SFTP-Enabled (Port 22, Username and Password)

    (Backup Legacy : Disabled)

    So that's all. Is the new backup missing something? I see that Disk Space Usage in Cpanel is 35GB and I'm not sure if I take my whole site as a Backup. Any help on how to take this...Large Cpanel backup would be appreciated. I searched Cpanel and couldn't find anything related there.

    Thank you.

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    they are effectively the same thing. Why is one smaller than the other? Most likely, missing data. I've run across more than one account where cPanel backs up, but will not restore everything (specifically mysql) on the account, skipping entire tables and databases in some cases.

    Start there
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    I can't understand what you are suggesting. Do I miss the MySQL backup right now?

    I saw that in the new server backup is 8.02GB at one day, 8.03 the next one etc. That's Backupsy which uses SFTP. In the old backup server which is BudgetVM, backup now is not that huge as it was (9GB) but one day it's 7GB, the other 9GB, next one only 28MB etc.

    I can't find out what's wrong. Backupsy investigates it. Any ideas on where to check?

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    Get 2 different backups (1 from the old which is 20gb and one from the new which is ~7GB).

    Unzip somewhere in server, and play with du -h --max-depth=1 command (for better understanding of output)

    You will see output: folders and their size. LIke that:

    [/usr]# du -h --max-depth=1
    84K     ./man
    139M    ./bin
    294M    ./lib64
    12K     ./src
    6.7G    ./share
    23M     ./libexec
    126M    ./lib
    2.5G    ./local
    37M     ./include
    4.0K    ./games
    39M     ./sbin
    4.0K    ./etc
    14G     .
    Even from the first run, you will immediately see in which folder there are issues and what's is missing. If it is from the "mysql" folder, the "public_html" folder or the "mail" folder for example.

    Then you can continue dig more the folder to check what's missing.

    Care, it may just be a backup .tar.gz inside the first backup.
    So it is just the double size because of this and you think it's missing something.

    Unzip 2 of them and compare with du. Better than digging logs in this case.

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