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    Thumbs up how can limit download speed in windows 2008 ( iis7 )

    i have a download server with windows 2008 and iis7

    how can i limit download speed PER EICH IP to 1MB/s ?

    very tanx for you advices :X

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    any other solution or program ?

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    i think bitrate program is working someway..

    i have to question

    what is "fast start" ?
    what is "Throttle" ?

    how they working exacly ?

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    You might have to look at Bit Rate Throttling module extension of iis media serices.

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    Re: how can limit download speed in windows 2008 ( iis7 )

    Idk if its compatible with iis but php has a way of limiting download speeds be sending certain headers. I dont know much about it but I glanced by it a couple weeks ai
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    Why not try Netlimiter?

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