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    SpaceRich Review (advice needed)

    Hi all,

    I used Spacerich for my VPSs for probably a couple of years before I had any issues, everything was fine. Maybe a couple of short-downtimes, but they were generally quickly resolved.

    Then my service went down in November last year and it all went downhill. Initially support replies were along the lines of "It'll be back in 2 hours" so I figured, there's not much I can do but wait. A few hours later, still not up. I ask for another update and they say that there was a hardware failure and their technicians are working on it but can't give an ETA so I can either have a full month's refund or they can set up a new VPS for me (I didn't subscribe to their backup service so they couldn't do a complete clone).

    Anyway, I opted for the refund as I had a 2nd VPS with spacerich that I could migrate to. 4 months later, they still haven't paid this refund.

    Soon after all of that, spacerich put a notice up on their homepage stating that they're ending their VPS business and all customers have a month to go somewhere else before they pull the plug. They didn't email their customers (I know this because I personally know other spacerich customers who also didn't receive an email either). By the time I'd noticed the homepage message (out of pure luck), I had less than a week to sort everything out.

    I had paid in advance for both VPSs and was told on the 15th June that I would get full refunds for all the time I'd paid but won't receive service for in addition to the extra month's refund for my first VPS's sudden death. The time they put in that refund was 20 working days. About 35 working days later (13th Aug), I chase up the support ticket because I still have no refund.

    I get no reply.

    So I create a new ticket on the 12th Oct hoping that maybe their ticket system just doesn't properly recognise re-opened tickets.

    It's now the 19th Oct and I have still had no reply.

    I haven't heard a peep out of a company that owes me money since the 25th June.

    In fact, so much time has passed that it seems spacerich have VPSs 'coming soon'! It seems to me that their business model is;
    1. Sell VPSs
    2. Kick all their customers off of the VPSs
    3. Promise refunds but never actually do it
    4. Start selling all their VPSs again
    5. Rinse & repeat

    So, as a word of advice from me;
    Never ever ever pay for anything from SpaceRich. Ever.

    Now, my question to you is, is there anything I can actually do about this company & get my money back?

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    Sure. To get your money back you would need to get in contact with someone at the company who could arrange that.

    Continually follow up until you see results.

    If the amount of money is larger you may decide to hire a collection agency, a paralegal, a lawyer or try small claims court on your own.

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    Thanks for the reply. Spacerich have taken to flatly ignoring my support tickets now which seems to be the only way to contact them.

    The amount of money isn't really big enough to chase legally bit big enough to be an annoyance

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