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    Rate For E-Commerce Website

    Hello Friend I want to develop e-commerce site and i want it in first page in major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. Please give me rate for it.
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    Regarding E-commerce website so mostly consider your pages and how many products add in that site and any other details also required..
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    Developing a Ecommerce website is one thing & Ranking it on search engine is another. rates for both services is totally depends on your requirement.

    For website development : rates depends on numbers of pages, number of products you want on website & many other functionalities.

    For Ranking on Search Engines(SEO):cost of SEO depends on number of keywords you want to target on first page , Geography, competition on target keywords.
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    So as to put your site on top in serp you need to create a search engine friendly environment and that can be easily created by doing seo.
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    Why don't you try listing the project on . I hope you'll find the best price there for it
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    What's wrong with good old advertising? You are going to pay for SEO anyway unless you do it yourself.
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