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    possible to merge login's from 2 different php scripts?

    Is it possible to merge 2 php scripts. For example vbulletin and a image hosting script.

    When i log into vbulletin the photo script would also be logged in. And if i buy a premium membership. The photo script would also upgrade. SO they would be working together. Not separate scripts.

    Is this thing possible? And is it a big job?

    What is this term called?
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    You can edit their source code to make it possible, or use a CRM software with API integrated with all of the scripts.

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    This is called 'bridge'. There are some ready 'bridges' among softwares. You should search if VB has a bridge for this photo gallery you are using.
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    It is possible you'll need to integrate them through bridge.
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    The code is usually not too bad to modify. When bridging applications, you make one the master application (VBulletin in your case maybe), and disallow logging in through the other. When they click to log in, they are redirect to the vBulletin register/log in page and they handle it all there. Then your vBulletin code would need to be modified to pass a few extra session variables to let the client know they are logged in on the other site as well. If you are using well know programs, it isn't too hard to get it all done or find someone who can.
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    I remember doing this over 10 years ago with a phpBB forum and another script. It worked great but the problem would be if someone updated or had their account deleted, you would have to have code to update the other database as well (assuming both scripts do not share the same DB).

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