Introducing Hostabilities' affiliate program

Now you can refer people to Hostabilities and earn some money!

How does it work?
For each purchase made by your referred client, you earn 100% of the cost of that service for a month. For example, if you refer someone to us and they purchase our Bronze plan, you will earn $2.95. Likewise, if you refer someone and they purchase our Platinum plan, you will receive $11.95!

Tell me more!

  • You earn 100% of the first month for each purchase made by a referred client.
  • You can request payout after collecting $25
  • In order to prevent fraud, you must wait 60 days after a completed sale in order to receive your commission
  • Cash out will be sent via PayPal, or you can request credit be applied to your account.
  • This offer does not apply to domain purchases.
  • Payment is non-recurring

How do I get started?
Simply click here to register, then access our affiliate page here.