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    server Load issue

    i see the server Load Averages: 8.53 9.43 9.73 in whm

    its good, could you explain?

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    server Load issue

    Depends on lots of factors, load is just a number. That could be a 1 core sever or a 64 core server!
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    Do you know how many CPUs are on the server? Are you experiencing slow response times, slow loading of your website pages/applications, or downtime on certain services?

    If you're concerned about the server's CPU load you may want to contact your provider and notify them of it. The cause of a high load spike can be anything from an unoptimized web/script or DDOS attack. Or it could just be software updating, it's best to get in touch with your provider in regards to this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirzaediamin View Post
    i see the server Load Averages: 8.53 9.43 9.73 in whm

    its good, could you explain?
    If you have up to 8 cores, it is NOT good.
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    Whats your server configuration?
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    Looks like a 2-4 core server is overloaded.

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    Server load indicates the no. of processes waiting in the processor queue. If you have 8 CPU cores, then a load of 8 means, only one process is meant for a CPU core and is quite normal. If the no. of cores are lesser than 8, then the mentioned load need to be investigated. There can be multiple reasons for a load spike.
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    I often find that if the load is unusually high that restarting apache often returns things to normal.

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