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    Does anyone have expierences with contabo? seems to be very interesting for me. They are a lot cheaper than others. What could be a problem with them? says: "We use a virtualization solution based on KVM"

    KVM with 4G RAM, 200G HD, unlimited traffic for 10 seems to be a very good price.

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    I tried out their top level VPS for 3 months in 2013 without incident. They answer support tickets very quickly, speak good English and are very helpful. At the time they were only supplying one IP per VPS, the rason I cancelled my VPS. They are now supplying extra IPs. Hope this is useful.


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    Thanks for this info. My decision was now, with a special offer, not mentioned on their website. Till now everything is fine with them, problems which I had with my old hoster disappeared.

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