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    Need good partners to resell hosting

    I'm planning to sell shared hosting, vps and dedicated servers. So i will need many nodes for them. My requirements are as follow:

    + Server Location: Any locations (prefer some locations to choose)

    + Able to provide many Ips as you can (at least 60 ips per server) with good price (from $1->$1.5)
    + Able to provide Cpanel license for VPS around $10/month
    + Able to provide Plesk license for VPS (openvz & kvm) from $10 - $15/month

    + Server specs:
    - Dual Processors
    - 32G RAM or more
    - 2x2T HDD or more
    - 5T Bandwidth
    - 1GBPS Port
    + My budget: $200 per server
    + Payment method: Paypal

    << snipped >> tell me a provider to know that meet my requirements.
    Thanks so much!
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    Why would you need 60 IPs per server? No host is going to give you that without a serious good justification reason. I'm not sure if you are aware that IPv4 is drying up?
    I've seen providers not giving more than 2 IPs these days, even with justification. Do you give a preference on quality or isn't that too important? - Online in no time
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    24x7group has a very valid question. It is very unlikely that a stable and reputable provider will provision 60 IPs up front for a single server unless you can provide valid justification.

    That being said, 60 IPs for a single hard VPS node is not uncommon. You may want to start off with a smaller allocation and work your way up in increments. Providers will be more willing to work with you if you do so.
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    Yes, i will not ask for 60 ips 1 time. I will add ips gradually depending on my customer's needs. But the provider must be able to allocate at least 60 ips per node. If you ask why i need so many ips. My answer is only 1: I need IPs for hosting VPS. No more reasons.

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    Than these 2, your other requirements are possible.,

    + Able to provide Cpanel license for VPS around $10/month
    + Able to provide Plesk license for VPS (openvz & kvm) from $10 - $15/month

    Anyone knows cpanel for vps normally costs arround 15$
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