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    68 down since couple of days

    Dear everyone,

    UCVHOST.COM is down since couple of days, we have some windows vps with them since 10 months, but now its not working, please find out the reason what happened, and where are they ? why the site is down ? and vps are not working ?

    worried so much

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    It may be possible that the provider ran off or decided to stop the business.

    I suggest you move on...

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    They have all data, and is there any law ? how the provider can stop the business without notification, its suddenly stopped, and how about the data which we have lost.... ?

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    I also have a VPS with ucv host for a year already. They suddenly stop working and closed the site , emails to support get sent back. This is unbelievable all my data lost and no way to get in touch with anyone at least to save the data. Please if you find a way let me know, keep in touch I will do the same.

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    This is why you should always have backups of your data.

    As NEQ3 - Sam has said, if it's down for days with no information / reply / etc from the host, it's most likely they're not in business anymore.
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    How many days of downtime we are talking about?

    We can only speculate but the only way to find out what happened is to contact the host by calling them.

    If you can't contact them by any means, then I hope you have your own backup to move.
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    Its still down as I can see
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    Looks like they are out of the business now :/

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    Fortunately I have back ups but a month old. So I'm lossing some data. It sucks that they didn't even had the decency of sending a note or something for us to back up everything. Bad Yuyu for this MFs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevejose View Post
    It sucks that they didn't even had the decency of sending a note or something for us to back up everything. Bad Yuyu for this MFs...
    Unfortunately it's not the first case and it won't be the last I read about on this forum.
    They sink and they want everyone else to sink with them.
    This is what I find inexcusable.

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    Can someone recommend a good reliable company for a VPS?

    I was looking at godaddy.

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    Finally, they disappeared with all our money (and data). This is how scam companies work: they collect lots of money and then run!
    I filled a dispute with Paypal asking them to ban UCVHost. Goodbye Mr. Rajat Khanna (Director of UCVHost). Enjoy my money in India.

    Now I have my web hosting on (affordable and unlimited everything), and my VPS is (1GB RAM and 2x2.4Ghz for $22/m). Very happy with them.

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    UCVHOST - Consumer court complain

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    They are Terminated

    I spoken to softlayer and they had been terminated,

    see here the message they gave me.

    You are now chatting with 'Vincent B'

    reily: hi u guys took over vps?

    reily: i had a vps there and now there site is down

    Vincent B: We are sorry to inform you that due to no fault of SoftLayer, the services provided to our direct customer UCVHost (Rajat Khanna) have been terminated. If you had services provided by UCVHost, please direct all questions and concerns directly to Rajat Khanna at [email protected] or 585-301-4742.

    reily: they did illegal things?

    Vincent B: I am unable to tell you anything other than my first response. I am sorry for this happening to you as their customer

    reily: there ny way i can get my vps from you guys

    reily: or u just for big companies?

    Vincent B: Correct. I am truly sorry.

    reily: ok thank you

    Vincent B: You are welcome sir

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    Duped by UCV Host / Instaspace

    All have been duped by UCVHost / Instaspace. See message from Softlayer.

    "At the request of Rajat Khanna, the services provided to UCVHost were terminated effective October 16th, 2013. Pursuant to SoftLayer policy, the data on those servers was automatically deleted shortly thereafter and is no longer available. If you paid for services provided by UCVHost, please direct all questions and concerns directly to Rajat Khanna at [email protected] or 585-301-4742."

    Based on this email, we have spoken to our lawyers and they concur that cases can be filed against Instaspace, UCVHost and Instapace Pvt Ltd in New Delhi, India.

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    If anyone from India has filed a lawsuit / complaint against UCVHost / Instaspace, please do share them in the forum. This will help other clients of theirs to file similar complaints and lawsuits and get justice faster.

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    Cyber Crime Investigation

    Dear All,

    As mentioned earlier I have legally proceeded against
    I have an appearance in the investigation cell on 5th Nov.
    Case Inv ID (PW-2013-13221)

    It is highly requested those who all been victim of this hosting provider. Please contact me on my email ([email protected]) so that I can give your reference too.

    I have also mentioned this forum link. I know there are 100s of us.

    Best Regards
    Depinder Bharti

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    To think an email, 1 email would have spared everyone the trouble.

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    I got my money back

    PayPal has successfully claimed the money back for me. The guy behind ucvhost is an evil man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thangdm View Post
    PayPal has successfully claimed the money back for me.
    That's good news
    Hopefully the others are doing the same.

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