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Thread: tmp partition

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    tmp partition

    hi there ,
    I have a cpanel server in which tmp partition becomes ful in less than one minute !
    this problem had faced since last night !
    how can I realize which site is making this problem ?
    is there any solution ?
    thank you in advance,

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    Most probably it will a database that causing this issue. Try to identify which database is generating this temporary files and repair the database. - the name says it all!
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    Here are some general tips for managing your /tmp folder.

    Run this command to clear old files from the /tmp folder:
    /usr/sbin/tmpwatch -am 6 /tmp

    That command will purge everything over 6 hours old.


    You will need to install tmpwatch before you can run the above command. Use the following command if tmpwatch is not already installed:
    yum install tmpwatch


    To list the largest files in the /tmp folder, run the following commands:
    cd /tmp
    ls -lSh . | head -5
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