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    Hetzner virtualization


    We have tried to install proxmox on hetzner ex40
    according to their wiki it is possible to install proxmox on debian wheezy minimal 64. aside from the fact that we followed their steps and we were unable to boot the promox into the kernel we also were unable to get a good performace from proxmox on the copy we installed from imageinstall on rescue mode.

    My questions are.

    1. Is it at all possible to install proxmox on debian 7 wheezy and get to work ( by all means I mean being able to boot it without KVM access) ?
    2. If I pay for lara console access and ask them to write proxmox for me on a cd will I be able to install and get it to work ( based on your previous experience)
    3. Is there any other costless virtualization method existing that we literally could get to work on EX40 ?

    Please enlighten me with your knowledge guys

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes, it's very possible to install proxmox on debian 7 minimal without KVM.
    make sure you got all the right hardware modules loaded at boot, and you are set to go. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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