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    Help finding offshore dedicated server

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for $50 or less dedicated server with following specs or similar outside of USA. If anyone knows any company that could possibly work with similar price/specs please post it here.

    Type: Dedicated (NO-VPS)
    Processor: Xeon / Phenom / Opteron
    Cores: 2+
    Memory: 4GB+ Memory
    Hard Drive: 500GB+
    Traffic: 1TB+/month
    Line: 10mbps dedicated or 100mbps shared
    Price: $50/mo. or less (if its $40/mo. willing to do long-term)
    Please anything over $50/mo. don't post here.

    Thank you for any help in advanced :-) I hope I'm not breaking any WHT rules for this kind of post. If some how I am, sorry admins/mods ^_^

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    What country are you looking at? Any country, but the USA? Try out, they've got a lot of countries.

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    Offshore? Which content you are planning to host?
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    Well, the budget is a little low, maybe you want to go up a bit. Or try OVH, depends on the content that you want to host.
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    @FastReturn, this servers are way too expensive and not the specs I need.
    @Prajyot, all legal content, as for the reason why *no comment*
    @Gualter, actually I was thinking <$40/mo. server but $50 is the maximum I would pay.

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