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    How to run command with cd using cron?

    I use the new relic to monitor my servers and MySQL. I already configured newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar file location and copied newrelic-mysql-plugin.debian and newrelic-mysql-plugin.rh these two files to /etc/int.d folder and reboot Apache and VPS. However its MySQL plugin fails to send data after 20-30 minutes left.

    My VPS MySQL plugin installed this folder "/root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7". To fix this issue every time I have to run following command line to re-start that plugin.

    cd /root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7
    java -jar newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar

    Therefore I'm considering running it as a cron job. As far as I know, I have to use following type crontab job command (planned to run every 20 minutes).

    20 * * * * root <command>

    New relic newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar file located in following directory. So how do I navigate to this directory and execute command using cron.


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    You need to create a script that will have above code and using cron run that script at regulat interval which will do your things.

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    What's wrong with doing this?

    java -jar /root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar

    Or better yet : find out why it's failing in the first place

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    Start it normally first from console and check errors or better consider redirecting errors to some file for later investigation.
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    I have fixed it by using this command.

    20 * * * * cd /root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7; java -jar newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar

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    You should really fix the root of the problem instead of restarting it every 20 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim Shaddy View Post
    I have fixed it by using this command.

    20 * * * * cd /root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7; java -jar newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar
    This cron is running the 20th min of every hour, meaning running hourly. you need to change it like this

    */20 * * * * cd /root/support/newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7; java -jar newrelic_mysql_plugin-1.0.7.jar
    Notice the "*/20" on the first time setting, that will run every 20mins or 3 times an hour.
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