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    PHP includes increasing server load?

    I run a website which receives about 2k visitors per day, and I use multiple PHP includes (about 10-15) on pages to call in code where I need it in order to keep the code clean and easy to maintain.
    I however started noticing recently that number of executions is in rise, and I'm looking for an advice could the number of includes which I have on pages increase server load? Would combining some of those includes help reduce the load? I'm on a shared hosting environment and load could become an issue.


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    First, make sure you use file based includes instead of URL based includes. URL based includes in PHP are extremely slow, even if the URL is local. The file based includes are generally pretty fast.

    Also, remember that the less work you ask a computer to do, the less time will be needed to do it. If you currently have 15 includes and you can reduce that to 5 includes, the 5 includes will be faster than the 15 includes.
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    No, on healthy hard drive and filesytem includes itself can not increase server load. Make sure that's not slow mysql queries. Check the code. Try to exclude included files one by one to see which file can cause that.
    Let us know more details, if you need more detailed help

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    If possible reduce their number.

    You can also do without the _once just make sure you include them once only.

    Having said that don't expect any noticeable improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingir View Post
    If possible reduce their number.

    You can also do without the _once just make sure you include them once only.

    Having said that don't expect any noticeable improvement.
    Adding the _once would cause some more runtime overhead as some checks need to happen to ensure they are only included once.
    That being said, includes would cause some high IO (we are talking if you are doing LOOTS of them). But I dont think this is what is causing the server load in your case.

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    file based includes not increase load. Your server load maybe due to DB or bad coding. Recheck your code.
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    1. most problems usially made ineffective database queris which not match indexes , or waste resources running when not need .

    2. bad coding , code run when not need

    3. includes take some time to compile , but this is low amount of processor time .

    4. usially 2000/day is low pressure to the server .
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    I would maybe look into autoloading/namespacing some of what you are doing. Includes that are not used would definitely be eating into the cost of the page load. If your page uses all the includes everytime, then I doubt it will make much of a difference. Like others have said, look at other reasons why the site is slow, particularly the database and indices that you are using in your code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xuid View Post
    No, on healthy hard drive and filesytem includes itself can not increase server load.
    I'd second this. - Is your site up?
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    Yup url based are very slow to use instead you can use <?php include'./folder/filename.php'; ?>

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    You could use a rudimentary profiler to check how long a segment of code is taking.

    At the start of your script:
    <?php $_now = microtime(true); $_time = function() use ($_now) { $end = microtime(true); print ($end-$_now) . " seconds"; }; ?>
    Just add $_time(); after a statement to narrow your selection from there. This works with PHP 5.3+.

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    1. Make sure you are not including a URL, specially if URL is pointed to same host.
    2. Check the IO availability of the server. Sometimes too much IO or low memory can cause a lot of problems in PHP includes.

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