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    Trust Rank

    I have read about trust rank but confused about How it evaluated for website or a page?
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    Some factors affect your trust rank:
    - Domain age: longer is better
    - Content: Does your site always has fresh content or it just have duplicate content...
    - BackLink quality (Most important): Do you have backlink from high pagerank sites in the same niche.

    As google changes their algorithm, Trustrank is now more important than ever in SEO.
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    Its all about “is this site what a person would like to visit when they search on google”. T
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    It's a metric which evaluates the quality of links to a domain from authority/trusted sources. If your domain has links from trusted websites (e.g. websites of expert or know authorities in your industry) your trust rank increases. It's an important signal the search engines use in ranking domains in their search results.

    Moz measures this metric as MozTrust, while Majestic Seo measures this as Trust Flow.
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    The Holy Trust Rank is a legend, a great myth created to answer some questions that needed answering. Google did not officially admit about it, surrounding its existence with a shroud of fog

    Basically its believed to be the fix that Google applied to their major flaw with the PageRank - using "number of links" as a website sstrength value, without taking in account the actual quality and relevance of the link and from there - the actual content on the website. Crafty webmasters quickly gave birth to the art of "link farming" and Google had to do something about it.

    TrustRank was nothing revolutionary, it just employed the techniques used by the PageRank but this time added the Relevance factor of the links. So the link farming sites lost their good ranking and the sites that trusted on building up reputation and earning links went up the pages.

    Google never openly confirmed that there is such a thing as a TrustRank but might be for a good reason - the cunning black marketers will surely gain more details about its mechanisms and find more loopholes to exploit. But to tell you the truth, with the consistense that Google is introducing new updates aimed at quality white hat marketing methodology, I would still have TrustRank in my mind anyways where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Actually google was already taking into account backlinks' quality as well as quantity.
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    Try this Wiki article :
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    Dont be too much concerned by different parameters and terms being used for the website. There are many- domain authority, page rank, alexa rank, etc. But these are not very important in-fact recently I read a blog where Google is no more going to take page-rank into consideration. Just try to get traffic from relevant sources. If your website is brand new- there is of-course no reason to worry about page rank, trust rank and all that.
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    The trust rank means how well does Google trust your site. It looks at how long your site is around and what type of links are pointing to your site. Do you have quality links pointing to your site. For example, say CNN pointed to our site, then you would have more trust. Also, what type of sites are you linking out to? Make sure they are quality sites. To get more great links pointing to your site, create great content.
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