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    Free $9.45 eNom Reseller Account

    Free $9.45 eNom Reseller Account

    As eNom Technology Partners (ETP) with we are able to offer free reseller accounts so you can register domain names and SSL certificates at absolute lowest wholesale prices.

    There is no membership fee and no minimum purchase needed. We guarantee that these prices will not increase as long as the eNom base prices stay the same.

    ALWAYS find out who your ETP is , as they have the ability to alter your pricing structures.

    Features Included With Every Reseller Account:
    Domain registrations/transfers as low as $9.45/year
    Complete control over domains you register or transfer
    Your own reseller login name and password
    Free transfer of ownership on every domain name
    You can create unlimited subaccounts for your clients and convert them to official reseller accounts at no cost
    Access to eNom's Registry Rocket
    Access to eNom's API scripts (Perl, PHP and ASP)
    Access to eNom's PDQ and its interface
    Free 10 page website for every domain name
    Free 100 email addresses forwarding
    Free URL forwarding
    Complete DNS services
    Free domain parking
    Assign different passwords for each of your domain names

    Your discount prices are as follow:
    TLD Registration /yr Renewal /yr Transfer
    .com $9.45/yr $9.45/yr $9.45
    .net $9.45/yr $9.45/yr $9.45
    .org $9.99/yr $9.99/yr $9.99
    .biz $9.99/yr $9.99/yr 9.99
    .info $9.99/yr $9.99/yr $9.99 $6.95/yr $6.95/yr $6.95
    .us $9.45/yr $9.45/yr $9.45
    .ca $13.95/yr $13.95/yr $13.95
    .eu $10.95/yr $10.95/yr $10.95
    .in $17.95/yr $17.95/yr $17.95
    .tw $35.95/yr $35.95/yr N/A
    .jp $85.95/yr $85.95/yr N/A
    .cc $25.95/yr $25.95/yr $25.95
    .ws $25.95/yr $25.95/yr N/A
    .la $50.95/yr $50.95/yr $50.95
    .co $25.95/yr $25.95/yr $25.95
    .pro $20.95/yr $20.95/yr N/A
    .tel $10.95/yr $10.95/yr $10.95
    .asia $20.95/yr $20.95/yr N/A
    .mobi $17.95/yr $17.95/yr $17.95
    .me $20.95/yr $20.95/yr $20.95
    .name $9.45/yr $9.45/yr $9.45
    Service Price
    ID Protect $6.95/yr
    POP Email $10.95/yr
    (Effective since September 1, 2013)

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