Have you been looking for a new domain provider, that can fulfill your needs? EludedHost.com is a provider in domains, and is having a huge promotional deal. Don't wait too long the deal ends 10/31/2013. But WAIT there's more for the 50th domain registration you will win a free "Comodo Positive SSL"


We're offering allot of TLD's to be registered, a complete list: https://www.eludedhost.com/client/domainchecker.php

Registration Promotions: (Expire: 31/10/13)
  • .ASIA Registration: $6.43 (Before price: $20.89) PROMO CODE: ASIAPROMO
  • .BIZ Registration: $5.48 (Before price: $12.09) PROMO CODE: BIZPROMO
  • .IN Registration: $4.83 (Before price: $12.79) PROMO CODE: INPROMO
  • .PW Registration: $5.95 (Before price: $11.19) PROMO CODE: PWPROMO
  • .IN.NET Registration: $4.22 (Before price: $9.79)PROMO CODE: INNETPROMO

Registration/Transfer Non-Promotions:

  • .COM Registration: - $12.79/Year
  • .NET Registration: - $9.99/Year
  • .ORG Registration: - $12.49/Year
  • .AU Registration: - $20.49/Year
  • .US Registration: - $10.69/Year
  • .MOBI Registration: - $25.39/Year

So what else is included?

  • 2 FREE Emails with every Domain Name
  • Free Privacy Protection (Who-Is)
  • Full DNS management Privileges
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Mail Fowarding

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